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It depends on the equipment, but above all, if it is to be used indoors, it should be Butane, Propane should only be used outdoors.

The difference has to do precisely with the gas capacity that each one carries, in the 12 kg bottle or also called light, the tare weight is only 5.6 kg, and is made of a composite material that allows you to see the level of bottle gas. On the 13 kg bottle, it is a typical iron gas bottle with a tare weight of +/- 12 to 14 kg.

The Rubis Gás Home and Property Insurance is COMPLETELY FREE for Rubis Gás customers in bottle and constitutes an excellent guarantee of your safety. In the event of an accident resulting from a gas leak, it guarantees up to 25,000 Euros for material damage and treatment costs resulting from injuries.



Electropalma have at your disposal a set of services, delivery of gas, gas technical assistance, gas installations, Rubis Gas Home and Property Insutance, 24 H Emergency Service.